Adam Barnes
Origin Campaign

Origin Campaign

Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the world yet just 10% of people get their energy from solar power. Energy company Origin needed them to see they were wasting the world’s biggest free, natural resource and make it easier for people to go solar. So we created ‘Don’t Waste Your Roof,’ a seamlessly integrated online journey which asked Australian’s to see the potential value in their roof space. It re-framed the humble roof as something of value not to be wasted. 

It began with an online film that told the story of a middle-aged couple travelling the country stealing people’s unused sun. The film then led people to the ‘Rate My Roof’ tool, a partnership with Google Maps that let people measure the value of their own roof. 

Cannes Lions 2016 - BRONZE (Mobile Integrated)
Cannes Lions 2016 - SHORTLIST (Cyber Integrated)
Cannes Lions 2016 - SHORTLIST x2 (Data)
YoungGuns 2015 - GRAND  WINNER
YoungGuns 2015 - GOLD (Integrated)
YoungGuns 2015 - GOLD (Interactive)
One Show 2016 - GOLD (Interactive)
One Show 2016 - FINALIST  (Mobile)
New York Festivals 2016 - FIRST PRIZE
New York Festivals 2016 - SECOND PRIZE
AWARD 2016 - Bronze (Film)
Clio Awards 2015 - BRONZE (Film)
Caples 2016 - GOLD (Content)
Caples 2016 - SILVER (Integrated)
Caples 2016 - SILVER (Tech)
Caples 2016 - BRONZE (Mobile)
Caples 2016 - FINALIST (Campaign of the Year)
ECHO Awards 2016 - RUNNER UP

Origin Campaign Film

Origin - Sun Stealers Film