Adam Barnes

Rate My Roof

‘Rate My Roof’ was created in partnership with Google Maps. It was the first tool that let people measure the potential solar value of their own roof just by drawing around it. For the first time people could see how much money solar could save them over a period of up to 30 years, giving them the knowledge they needed to make the switch.  

In the first three months 150,000 people used the tool and the number of people considering solar power went up 70%.


Cannes Lions 2016 - BRONZE (Mobile Integrated)
Cannes Lions 2016 - SHORTLIST (Cyber Integrated)
Cannes Lions 2016 - SHORTLIST x2 (Data)
One Show 2016 - GOLD
YoungGuns 2015 - GOLD 
YoungGuns 2015 - GOLD 
New York Festivals 2016 - FIRST PRIZE
One Show 2016 - FINALIST
Caples 2016 - SILVER
Caples 2016 - BRONZE
Caples 2016 - FINALIST
ECHO Awards 2016 - RUNNER UP